Bitcoin for Transformational Tattoos by Daemon Rowanchilde

I am very excited to announce my new website, For more than two months, my wife, Raven, and web nerd, Tim, have been intensely focused on building Urban Primitive Lifestyle to serve as our new primary website, until we are able to generate the resources to update Our new Word Press site features an online store detailing our services: tattooing, mentoring, and farm stays, and healing arts, in addition to products including original and digital art, limited edition prints, collectibles, products from our farm and products we use and endorse.

I invite you to click on Artist to view Daemon’s tattoo and art gallery or visit our store and browse our products and services. Check out our new online options for tattoo consultations, deposits and payments and my streamlined hourly rate that offers savings for new clients and periodic specials for our subscribers. There is also a link for my’s transformational tattoo courses, including upcoming online tutorials in 2018, as well as photos from the recent Art of the Hand Poke Tattoo weekend taught by Erik Reime and myself. Of course, we are always grateful for Earth Gifting donations that we have received and continue to receive and our volunteer workstay community opportunities that deserves its own page.

I am super excited to now have the capability to accept bitcoin and selected altcoins as payment for services and products. Because Raven and I value the social implications of people adopting and using decentralized currencies, we are offering an added incentive of a standing 15% discount coupon for every purchase using bitcoin or selected altcoins.  In addition, we will be periodically emailing offers of discount coupons for our subscribers, such as today where we are offering 25% off of all prepaid tattoos and all products for the first 12 days of December, using any of the payment currencies listed on our home page. Type in 12Days2017 in coupon box of shopping cart.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Love and blessings

Daemon and Raven Rowanchilde