Our Transformation

Daemon and Raven had a dream to create a transformational tattoo retreat to provide a deeper, richer, more alchemical tattoo experience with greater potential for profound transformation for their clients. Coupled with this vision was a deep desire to live more sustainably and in harmony with beautiful natural surroundings and to enter a deeper relationship with our Earth Mother and her creatures, flora and fauna. After much internal work rooting out and transforming limiting beliefs and resistances, the seed of our dream manifested in 2016 with the purchase of a large brick house on a hill in beautiful Hastings Highlands. Although the house did not exactly fit our aesthetic, it proved over time to be a solid foundation on which to build a great dream with large capacity to hold both personal and group retreats offering tools and opportunities for personal transformation. The big move, the scramble to build the barn and fenced pastures, then running out of money and topped by the harshest winter in twenty years brought on our own personal storm of transformation. An initiation of challenges and exponential and often overwhelming learning curves played out in 2017. Our personal crucible tested the “why” of our dream, the “why” of our vision, the “why” of our relationship and alchemized a necessary attitude adjustment that challenged us to stretch beyond what we thought we could accomplish. Once recognized, diligently processed and integrated, these challenges became opportunities that allowed us a deeper connection with ourselves and each other, and a fresh new level of connection with our inner Source, the Sun and Mother Earth. Thus, the “big house” (as it was known to the locals), with all the stories of its origins, the barn and the beautiful forested property and pristine creek surrounding it, transformed from a “prison” and a “mcmansion” into Castle Rowanchilde. The rest is recorded in social media history.

For decades, Daemon and Raven have been facilitating personal empowerment for themselves and their clients through the art and experience of tattooing. Daemon and Raven are very excited to be going through their own transformation by relocating and aligning their mission and lifestyle to a more ecological and sustainable vision, which includes a tattoo wilderness retreat to provide a deeper, transformational tattoo experience and a tattoo school where Daemon could teach what he knows. Serendipity came as a warm shaft of sunlight during the harsh winter of 2017. Author Lisa Barretta requested an interview with Daemon for a new book she was writing called, ConsciousInk. Conversations with Lisa revealed that she had been researching and writing about the tattoo process that Daemon had been living, breathing and practicing for more than 30 years! Published in September 2017, Conscious Ink features content by Daemon, including the personal stories of four of his clients, and is now available on Amazon. Daemon also launched a test pilot weekend of hand poke tattooing taught by guest artist, Erik Reime, as a precursor to Urban Primitive Tattoo Academy, featuring both online tutorials to be launched in early 2018 and 1- or 2 realtime immersions per year teaching the art of transpersonal, transformational tattooing. All this in addition to learning how to live in spiritual connection and sustainable harmony with Nature via Earth and Animal Stewardship & Earth Gifting. From their own example, Daemon and Raven teach as they learn through our own experiences, extreme challenges and adaptations, and in collaboration with Nature in the Great Canadian Wilderness. Urban Primitive Lifestyle welcomes donations to support this creative, evolving vision via bitcoin, cash, etransfer, PayPal and workstay volunteering your sweat to help us co-create this dream.