Booking an Appointment

Request an appointment via the form below.

Please Note:

Appointments are on a first come basis. We will not confirm an appointment without a deposit to confirm it or a prepaid Full Day or Half Day session for additional savings.
Send in your deposit to confirm the reservation – your appointment is not reserved for you until a deposit has been received.
Deposit for a full day is $800.00 CDN
Deposit for a half day (1-4 hours) is $400.00 CDN
Deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferred with written notice to another day within one year of payment.
Appointments can be booked consecutively with complimentary overnight stays and meals for each tattoo day. For longer stays on either side of tattoo bookings, clients are more than welcome to buy some food and prepare a meal for all of us to enjoy and do a Workstay as a contribution to their additional stay.

Please Note:

To reschedule a tattoo appointment we require a full week’s written notice.


Session Length Pricing Total including HST
8 hour session 8 x $275.00 + $286.00 (HST) $2486.00 CDN
6 hour session 6 x $275.00 + $214.50 (HST) $1864.50 CDN
4 hour session 4 x $275.00 + $156.00 (HST) $1243.00 CDN
3 hour session 3 x $275.00 + $117.00 (HST) $932.25 CDN

Preferred payment methods are Bitcoin, Cash, E-transfer, or PayPal. To pay by E-Transfer or Paypal, please send payment to


Pre-Drawings are not typically necessary or recommended. The best results happen in real time presence. The pre-drawing may be counter-productive to the process. Daemon will recommend a pre-drawing for the rare cases in which one is necessary.
A pre-drawing will consist only of outlines, and may not give you more than a rough idea of what the piece will look like. An exact drawing of what the finished tattoo will look like is not possible. A drawing on a two-dimensional medium does not translate to a three dimensional medium. Remember, you are co-pilot in the process.
You may insist on a pre-drawing, however, this is a time-consuming process that will be charged at the same hourly rate as the tattooing process itself.