Art Conjuring 2.0 Abundance and Prosperity for All

According to some sources, the Sri Yantra symbol dates back 12,000 years and is considered the primordial mother of all yantras – sacred geometrical designs for meditation and manifestation. The geometric designs radiate out from the center point, dot or bindu, which is used to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and focus on obtaining spiritual benefit. Rumour has it that Nikola Tesla used to see the Sri Yantra in blinding flashes.

By focusing attention on the Sri Yantra as the essential attunement tool for material manifestation, we clear our minds and increase our concentration, so that we can clearly see our intention of Abundance and Prosperity to manifest in our personal lives, and for the All on planet Earth, with each grain of sand deposited on the sand painting.

Included in this blog is a chart highlighting an example of colour symbolism using the chakra template, and an uncoloured Sri Yantra that you can right click and download, and then colour, draw, paint, photoshop as your manifestation tool.

Colour Symbolism

Uncoloured Sri Yantra

According to Wayne Dyer, “Abundance is not something we acquire, it is something we tune in to.” So remember to tune in on Facebook Live Video during the last week in January through mid February and let’s get manifesting Abundance and Prosperity for All.